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I Know You

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Ironically, I lectured on the Hero’s Journey Archetype today. It’s a splendid thing how life imitates literature all too seamlessly sometimes, twisting the whole ‘way things are supposed to be’ around for you and me right now. But, I finally managed to set out on a quest recently, and, if you’re reading this, you may have just inadvertently joined the assorted cast of characters who help me along the way.

I promise to push through all of the tests and challenges I must face on my quest keeping you in mind. I am the giver of sticky sweet romance, dribbling with the intent to pass along a smile, and you’re the reader, awaiting a good book.  I am the creator of all of those sentimental hearts and flowers peppering the pages of a romantic comedy novel that you can’t wait to dive into someday, like some treasured boon I’m going to hand over to you, empowering you with laughter as you read.

I know you. You’re my helper inspiring me to keep moving forward as I clamor towards publication. You’re that kind soul looking out for me as you watch my journey unfold.  I keep cracking open my heart and pouring out the contents all over this bloggish talisman, and you keep reading each page thoughtfully, cheering me on.  You secretly hope that I succeed because you crave a light-hearted love story, and, some time in the future, I’m going to give you that escape because today we danced in perfect synchronicity.

And, still, we’ve only just begun this wonderful adventure.


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  1. Avery Rose says:

    Nice! I cannot wait to see what you come up with. I’m a sucker for a wonderful romance.

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