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One-Liner (Actually, three, but who’s counting, right?!)

Restless to be writing again. Forcing myself to breathe until Saturday, then I’m diving back into the deep end. One novel down, two more to go!


Hearts and Flowers by Brooke E. Wayne

Hearts and Flowers


Brooke E. Wayne

Tonight we ride the wild bull with wild flowers in my hair,

And a whirlwind of impatience reaches a calmness,

Through misty waters pressed with fog,

From a lingering dream some time before.

Let our minds wander,

Never too far from home,

And journey beyond that precious place

We once believed would keep us forever.

And all that we feel will be reflected in our eyes,

Surrounding our laughter,

Expressed within our presence

As we smile blindly beyond the sun

Like children,

Gazing into Heaven with thanksgiving.

We are and were before we knew—

Destiny held us in His hands.

For God’s breath is inside our souls

To carry us into Eternity, long after our time,

Well spent,

Has cast shadows on any doubt drifting in from the past.

For in His eyes we are one—

Flesh of my flesh

As we have promised to be together.

Amidst any garden of roses,

Your love is purer than the rain that feeds the stems.

For I am merely one petal,

Capturing the dew of angel’s tears

Like liquid kisses trickling down my neck.

The colors, never muted within your smile,

Glow brightly in my eyes as we look upon the future.

I see Heaven

Surrounding a place in our dreams,

Where simple pleasures, unfolding in our love,

Once sacrificed their time.

Our lives entwined—

Yielding to moments impressed into our hearts.

We saunter, hand in hand, along our deserted shore,

Underneath that silver tapestry

With clouds strewn across an indefinite blue

Like islands in the sky.

And when this world has withered us,

We will walk on into the Light.

For time will have passed through our blood,

And the years will have been but a song

On the tongue of our Creator.

I wrote this when I was 18 years old–in pen from beginning to end with zero editing, and I haven’t changed a single word or grammatical faux pas since.


FullSizeRenderIt’s been well over twenty years later, and I still look at this poem as an anthem of love in my life. It tells the imagined story of true love from the ‘wedding night’ until ‘death do us part’. Not too bad for a teenager who knew nothing of love at the time I scratched it out on a piece of binder paper in my bedroom one night. I borrowed my simile, ‘like liquid kisses trickling down my neck,’ for the novel I’ve recently completed. The line whispers to me on Page 2 as a little secret that I’m letting you in on—a journey that I am still traversing as a writer of romance, bending my path into a full circle that will keep tumbling towards traditional publication one day.

PS.  I took the picture, and yes, my cupcake was delicious!  Happy Valentine’s Day,

xox Brooke E. Wayne xox

Ten of the Most Romantic Words You Never Knew

I love this Blog!

The Dictionary of Victorian Insults & Niceties

Romantic Words

The Dictionary of Victorian Insults & Niceties celebrates the coming of Valentine’s Day by sharing ten of the most romantic words you never knew… or have I too underestimated your vocabulary?

  1. numinous adj. describing an experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated, awed yet attracted; the powerful, personal feeling of being overwhelmed and inspired.
  2. serein n. a fine rain falling from a cloudless sky.
  3. cordiform adj. heart-shaped.
  4. eudaimonia n. human flourishing; a contented state.
  5. sweven n. a vision seen in a dream.
  6. selcouth adj., adv., n. (to make or be/the state or characteristic of) unfamiliar, unusual, rare; strange, marvellous, wonderful.
  7. trouvaille n. something lovely that was found by accident.
  8. basorexia n. the overwhelming desire to kiss (this is a medical term).
  9. philocaly n. the love of beauty.
  10. redamancy n. the act of loving someone who loves you; a love returned in full.

Support the project through my GoFundMe page

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Writer’s Market

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Tiny Treasures

IMG_0060 TINY TREASURES:  I walk past a row of naked trees poking their scrawny, leafless branches heavenward in hopes of a little springtime sunshine almost every day. Each of these wanton trees have become home to the nesting birds in the neighborhood. One of these tiny treasures could fit in the palm of my hand—it’s so itty-bitty. Others are a tad bigger, and all of them stand out against the stormy sky like scribbles among sticks. I love how the birds don’t seem to mind that hundreds of children breeze by their nesting eggs day after day, as the school is right across the street. I secretly hope that the limbs of these scrappy trees don’t sprout blooms too soon so that when the babies are hatched, my little girls can catch a glimpse of the baby birds poking their bobbling heads up chirping for some wormy-nommers from all of the momma birds.

How to Self Publish on Kindle in Three Easy Steps

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The darling Kellybean has nominated me for THE VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD! Thank you for this wonderful honor! Check out her varietal blog, if you get a chance, eh! Canadian pun intended 😉


  1. I was a dancer in a Christian choreography team called Revelation Revue in my late teens/early twenties. I performed in countless shows across CA and NV. Because we were Christian, we were constantly being told to refer to what we do as “Creative Movement” instead of dancing. LOL!
  2. My love for dancing led me to take Salsa Dancing lessons and Belly Dancing lessons later on in my early thirties for fun, and, during a lesson, some of us were scouted by an NBA cheerleading associate, but I passed on the audition offer because I’m certain he thought that I was a lot younger than I actually was. (And shame on him for peeping at all of us during our practices—sheesh!)
  3. Now in my forties, all I’m good for is chaperoning middle school dances where I spend the greater part of two-and-a-half hours twice a year yelling, “No PDA! Her butt can hold itself up!” at adolescent boys…seriously.
  4. I love pink as much as my little girls do. (Shh!)
  5. I also love coffee, and ice cream, and wine, and caramel, and all kinds of chocolates too, and I’d have to say that even Good n’ Plenty’s make the list…yeah, those crispy, little nibbles of licorice are delish!
  6. I don’t look or act my age—not even close.
  7. I need the ocean like the air that I breathe. It is my favorite natural inspiration for writing and tends to show up in every plot I spin.

The greatest joy in receiving the award is getting to pay-it-forward and draw attention to the many wonderful bloggers on WordPress who have earned this inspirational recognition!

The standard 15 pay-it-forwards can be daunting for some, so feel free if you need to downsize (or adjust anything as necessary for that matter) if I’ve nominated you. You are not obligated to receive or pass on the award in any way…just know that I thought of you!

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