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Sunday Writing Rambles: Starting a Star Wars Movie Club

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Like many writers, I teach, and I started a Star Wars Club after school this week. Six movies—six weeks. So many of my students were saying they were fans but had never seen all the movies.

So I had to help them out.

Going into the week, I’d come up with the plan to show the Star Wars movies out of my own fangirling since childhood. It was something my brother and I used to obsess about together.

Such sweet memories. We’d do things like pile all our toys in the middle of the floor and pretend we were getting squished in the compactor, and, of course, we also had every action figure and would play with each other for hours on end.

I miss him all the time, but, when the news of the seventh installment of the series was finally coming out this winter, it brought on a little extra sting to the sorrow of his passing. But he’d be so proud of me spreading the Star Wars love among my students.

FullSizeRenderMy classroom was packed for the first showing. Maybe I had my own force with me getting this club started with such a great turnout.

I teach archetypal literature, and, when my principal started asking the staff to come up with creative clubs to keep our beloved students out of trouble after school, a Star Wars Movie Club immediately came to mind.

It fits the literary archetype of the Hero’s Journey perfectly, so it’s an English teacher’s favorite. (In case you didn’t know, George Lucas actually sat down with Joseph Campbell and fine-tuned the plots to all twelve scripts with him.)

Yes, twelve.

I hope I’m not spreading rumors here, but I met a parent who saw all twelve of them spread out in Lucas’s office when he was a little boy. He shared with me that his dad’s workshop was next to Lucas’s, and he would often visit and listen to Lucas talk about his super cool space story. The parent also told me how excited he was, decades later, when installments one, two, and three were finally produced and wondered why the other manuscripts hadn’t come to light yet. Well, now we know.

Timing is a blessing and a curse when you’re a writer.

From conception to production, the stages of becoming a published writer can feel like a lifetime achievement. I’m grateful that the journey in itself is so fulfilling. And only time will tell as I prepare to write a completed rough draft next month for NaNoWriMo while I wade in the query trenches with my first manuscript.

I can imagine that when Disney approached George Lucas about his life’s work with a four-billion-dollar price tag, his sigh must have resonated across the universe. Who knows what direction Disney will take the series beyond the remaining six manuscripts? But I’m believing it’ll be worth every penny.

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