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Love the Wine You’re With is … done!

Love the Wine You’re With is done.

Err. Technically, my initial edits are done, and she’s in the keycoverhands of betas, but … yay… ‘tis finished, bust out the Champagne! A New Year’s Resolution I actually kept!

Her predecessor, Whine with Cheese, was a labor of love that took me about nine months—a true book baby if you ask me. This little darling, she arrived in two-and-a-half months. Of course, I marinated on her plot for about a year, which might be the reason behind such a quick delivery when it came time to write her.

98% plotter, 2% pantser, if you ask my last thirty pages.

Whoa, did the ending take a turn from the original plan. But I love it.

What surprised me most about writing the second book in my Vineyard Pleasures Series is, when I finally sat down to write her, she flowed seamlessly from my fingertips. I can honestly say that I would’ve been done sooner but finishing the last thirty or so pages fell between the cracks of starting a new school year—mine and our daughters’ school year, that is. I can’t believe I just embarked on my twentieth year of teaching English. Wow. I fantasize about saying the same as an author.

I’d say the hardest part of writing Love the Wine You’re With was finding Blanca’s voice. She’s strong, sassy, opinionated, unconventional, caring, adorable, and a pain in the ass to the people who love her the most. Once I heard her, though, she just wouldn’t stop talking. And I fell head-over-heels. I think my readers will, too.

You’d think my biggest struggle would’ve been the 110-degree weather in July that I was suffering through while writing a Christmas story. But nope. Eh, actually, Love the Wine You’re With is only mostly centered around the Christmas season—but about a third of the book makes for any season kind of reading. I intend to release her November 1st though, if not sooner … we shall see.

The most exciting part about writing Love the Wine You’re With was all the feels that came with it. I embedded more twists and turns than a roller coaster. Blanca’s journey is definitely an adventurous one that might have my readers craving a taste of her wanderlust.

PR1macs-heart-mugs-qt.jpgAfter releasing Whine with Cheese this past July, it has been such a learning curve on how to promote my titles. I’m pulling Whine with Cheese out of KDP Select once my contract is up, so I can distribute my novel through Smashwords and broaden my outlets. So, so many reasons why. I’ll do the same for Love the Wine You’re With, too.

WWCeBookCoverBlWnIn fact, I’m burning through my last two days to give Whine with Cheese away for FREE on Amazon this September 30th and October 1st. (Click on FREE to go directly to the novel on Amazon) That’s it. No more freebies, but then a reader can buy the novel just about everywhere else once I’m contract-free mid-October. Likewise, if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you have until the 7th before I pull the plug on KU. The only exception to the novel remaining FREE is that Whine with Cheese is currently available on Net Galley by request only for book bloggers and reviewers through the entire month of October.

If you’re just discovering me and want to get lost in a Romantic Comedy, download it over the weekend and enjoy :0)

I’m gearing up to get ready to knock out my next novel. It’ll be the first in a series of five novels centered around a coffee house in a beach town that Blanca and Maxie visit in the first part of Love the Wine You’re With. I’ll give you a hint…

One word: Fabrewlicious.

Until next time …

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