Created with nine-to-fourteen-year-olds in mind,

this creative writing workbook & journal

focuses on WRITING POETRY!


Created with teenagers and adults in mind, this poetry workbook and journal has everything you need to find inspiration, discover new style techniques, and polish your skills, as we journey together interactively, bringing out your best creative writing!

Come write POETRY with me!

Brooke E. Wayne

  • Structured Poetry Lessons
  • Creative Writing Exercises
  • Poetry Starters and Prompts
  • Poetic Devices: Definitions & Examples
  • Creative Writing Classics Close-ups
  • Journal Pages
  • Interactive Experiences
  • Tips, Tricks, and More!


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WINE NOT? Coming Soon to Amazon!


Wine Not? Book Blurb:

THROW an ambitious archaeologist, a charming conspiracy theorist, and a greedy mentor together on a dig gone crazy then observe when love takes charge and vets out the truth buried inside their hearts.

After earning her PhD in Classical Archaeology, all Victoria L’Angevin wants to do is bask for a hot minute in her accomplishment. That, and to distance herself from her perfectly imperfect mentor, Dr. Oliver Ross, who had always kept Tori at arm’s length while she’d been his student. Putting her new career first, she’s determined to move on. But, when the opportunity to join Dr. Ross’s dream team on an exclusive dig tugs on her heartstrings one more time, she’s all in for the adventure … at first.

I’m finally ready for a real, everlasting love. Why not him?

When Mick Tanner agrees to join his former colleague, Oliver, on a private excursion, all he wants is to escape his desk job at the Louvre and rediscover his passion for fieldwork. That’s why he left America and moved overseas in the first place. That, and to distance himself from all the heartache surrounding his breakup a year ago. But, falling in love at first sight for the most stubborn—and sexiest—French bombshell he’s ever met hadn’t been in his soul-searching plan … until now.

I’m finally ready for an honest, committed love. Why not her?

So, when Tori unearths an artifact on their expedition that is a complete enigma, no one expects it to rock the world of archeological discoveries with controversy—least of all her. Challenging science and faith, Tori needs all the support from the team she can get as she decodes the mysteries surrounding this coveted treasure.

It figures Dr. Oliver would try to stake his claim on Tori’s heart now despite her being invisible to him once the journey had begun. Not to mention that nutcase friend of his, Mick, with his irresistible charm and slick moves clouding her judgment.

How can I trust anybody, least of all, myself?

With Mick’s atypical thoughts on Tori’s discovery and Oliver spinning even more chaos into the mix, no wonder she has reservations about getting emotionally involved with him.

Even if I keep plundering all her kisses since the moment we first met.

WINE NOT? is about a sophisticated woman discovering the meaning of true love one simple wine tasting at a time.

***This novel is a bold, smart, adventurous, CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE – ROMANTIC COMEDY full of twists and turns that will have you smiling from start to finish. Grab a bottle of Pinot Noir, kick up your boots, and enjoy the ride.***