Writer’s Block Broke

The synopsis for the third Vineyard Pleasures Series novel has been done for months. So has another full outline of another novel and several other lengthy summaries I intend to write.

They’ve sat collecting metaphorical dust in my Mac—scenes swirling around in my mind like dust cloud induced nightmares, clawing at my thoughts to take form and flow from my fingertips.

But today…today I began to write again after an epic stint in the stagnant hell of writer’s block.

I cultivated a moment the old fashioned way—pen and paper.

My vision—a crackling bonfire, their laughter slipping into the crisp wind like raindrops pelting against the sea, the campsite canopied by ancient stars swirling above them in an orderly procession, an expedition just beginning, his intrigue, her willingness to share….

The scene wrapped around another story that captured my own imagination once upon a time. My words tumbled out of the void, and I was able to write them down. Finally.


A Summer’s Day (Poetry)

A Summer’s Day

Sticky ice cream

drools down the knuckles

of a freckle-faced boy,


with the beginnings

of treasured memories.

A salty, summer breeze,

thick with children’s laughter,

captures their boisterous joy,

as thunderous waves

topple towards 

the sugar-white shore,

clamoring for their feet.

Seagulls chatter in response,

drifting carefree

against the mirrored,

ice-blue sky.

By:  Brooke E Wayne