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A NEW HOLIDAY RELEASE ROMANCE! Love the Wine You’re With by Brooke E. Wayne



SPRINKLE an emotionally unavailable woman, a lovelorn man, and some delicious chemistry into the middle of the holidays then candy coat it with a whole lotta passion when a friends-with-benefits arrangement turns a vacation into an unexpected journey.

Blanca Grazia, queen of calm, has it all under control. Headstrong. Self-reliant. Determined. She thrives on an intriguing challenge.

So, when Blanca’s bestie, Maxine Novaline, begs her to distract Maxie’s boyfriend’s cousin while he’s visiting them in Napa Valley, California, Blanca is all about stepping it up for her BFF. Hot French guy? Yes, please.

All Blanca plans on doing is the—ehem—favor. Then she’ll just friend-zone Julien L’Angevin’s butt all the way back home to France where he belongs.

… Until that wrecking ball of a man decides to cash in on a favor of his own.

All Julien wants is another opportunity to see what this wild, pint-sized, fireball of independence is actually made of. Sugar? Spice? Everything nice?

Counting on Blanca’s wanderlust for worldly adventures, Julien invites her to his home in Champagne for Christmas. A traveling opportunity the American beauty can’t resist.

So what if they decide to add a little pinch of friends-with-benefits to the mix after they come face to face once more and realize that their physical chemistry can’t be denied?

Besides, their arrangement is only for one week. Then they’ll be continents apart again, and life will go on. Right?

LOVE THE WINE YOU’RE WITH is about a young woman bent on staying single while falling in love one scintillating wine tasting at a time.

***This novel is a snarky, passionate, sexy, funny, feel-good CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE-ROMANTIC COMEDY full of twists and turns that will have you laughing out loud from start to finish. Grab a glass of Champagne, kick up your stilettos, and enjoy the journey.*** Heat Level: Steamy/Closed-Door

Whine with Cheese (Vineyard Pleasures Series, #1)

Love the Wine You’re With (Vineyard Pleasures Series, #2 

Although, Love the Wine You’re With is the second book in the Vineyard Pleasures Series, it can be read as a STANDALONE. The story also plays fair to the others seasons, in addition to Christmastime, so it can be enjoyed all year long.


They walked in silence as they weaved around tourists of all nationalities. Blanca soaked in the diversity and halfheartedly discerned the different languages she heard in passing, picking up a phrase here and there as the Christmas spirit thrived among the bustling crowd.

In the distance, Julien leaned against the trunk of his car with his arms folded across his broad pecs. He was dressed in a dark blue cable knit sweater and gray slacks like he’d just come from a semi-formal event even though the sun had only been up for about an hour. He tilted his head to the side, and his blond hair fell in large, unkempt waves covering half of his face. Neither a smile nor a frown played upon his full lips, but the subtle wrinkles at the corner of his eye betrayed his excitement in seeing all of them.

He looked so beautiful … beautiful and sad.

Maybe, heartbroken might be a better word.

Blanca’s footsteps fell into a slower pace as she inspected him. It was one thing to know in the recesses of her memory that she had seen … and touched … and, let’s just come right out and be blunt … licked all of his bits and parts. But it was an entirely other matter when she had him trapped in her iPhone as nothing but an extreme close-up of sea-glass-bleached-by-the-sun eyes with a wicked grin that could seduce her outright. Except that she was impervious to his moves thanks to their lack of continental proximity.

But, seeing him again face to face sent an unexpected and entirely unwelcome zing of feels to her bits and parts, and an overwhelming urge to turn around and hop the next flight out kicked her in the chest right where she felt the biggest zing of all.

The gravity of the moment rushed up on all of them as Julien reached out to Chase first. Both men embraced one another, planting kisses on each other’s cheeks and breathing out their condolences over the loss of their grandmother.

They had grown up together at Julien’s family’s estate. Chase, though American-born, had spent almost all of his summers living in Champagne with Julien and his family, which was just a short walk across the driveway to his grandmother’s home, according to Chase’s explanation during one of their flights.

Julien pulled back from his cousin and faced Maxie, gripping both of her shoulders and tugging her into a stoic kiss that barely grazed her cheek. When he finally turned to Blanca, his expression shifted to a curious eagerness that bordered on desperation, and her pulse decided to skyrocket.

What the?

“I am so pleased you’ve come to see me, to see my home. I wish it were under better circumstances.” Julien cupped Blanca’s face with his ice-cold palms and leaned down to kiss her cheek, catching the corner of her mouth causing her breath to hitch out loud.

As Blanca searched for a reply, Julien turned and opened the trunk and, with Chase’s help, jigsaw puzzled the suitcases and duffel bags into his car while Maxie shuffled Blanca into the back seat with her.

She crossed one leg over the other and started bouncing it back and forth.

“Are you okay?” Maxie patted Blanca’s white jeans-clad leg. “You’re going to stab one of these guys in the back with that spiked heel on your boot if you don’t calm down. What gives?”

“Nothing. Everything. I probably shouldn’t have come.”

“Why? Julien obviously wants you here. He only asked you every day for the last week if you’re still coming, and you even cancelled appointments for him. You can’t back out now. Besides, it’s Christmas. It’s our duty to spread some joy up in these guys.”

Spreading definitely leads to joy.

“I just don’t want him to get the wrong idea. I’m only here to see more of France. I didn’t think—” she lowered her voice to a whisper as Julien and Chase walked around the sides of the car. “I’d ever see him again, or, if I ever did, it would be like a whole year from now at another one of Chase’s parties or after our routine chit-chat eventually lost its steam.”

“So what? You talk to him all the time. What’s the big deal?”

“He’s just a friend. I don’t regret fooling around when we met, but I can’t be more than that now.”

Maxie chuckled and shook her head. “No one’s asking you to.”

Tell that to my heart.

Julien and Chase got into the car, slamming their creaky doors and continuing their conversation in French as Julien fired up the engine and pulled away from the airport. Maxie shrugged at Blanca and leaned in, expecting a translation.

Blanca listened for a seconds, tugging her fingers out of her black leather gloves. “The funeral is tomorrow afternoon with a huge gathering afterward, and it’s going to be packed,” she whispered. “We’re also the last to show up. Almost everyone’s here in the city. They’re, uh, he’s offering, no wait, he said you guys should stay with Chase’s parents at his grandma’s house because of all the drama he caused the last time you three were under one roof.” Hmph. “Which he’s still sorry about,” she added, under her breath. Then, her eyes flew open, and she swatted Julien’s shoulder with her gloves. “Hey, where am I supposed to stay?”

“With me,” Julien replied, then continued his conversation with Chase.

“Hellllo? Don’t I have any say in this decision?”

“You can stay in one of my parents’ guestrooms. I’m sure they won’t mind, but wouldn’t you rather keep me company? You spend all your nights with me on FaceTime as it is.”

He’s got me there.

Blanca leaned in and whispered into Maxie’s ear to ensure they couldn’t hear her. “If things get weird staying with Chase’s parents, I’ll fake a meltdown and get us into a hotel, and if Julien gets all grabby hands on me while I’m staying with him, I’ll, eh, I guess I’ll just see how it goes.”

Damn, I’m weak.

“Atta girl.”

“Shut it.”

Chase twisted around in his seat. “What are you two scheming now?”

“Nothing,” they both exclaimed at the same time.


Cover Reveal: Love the Wine You’re With (Vineyard Pleasures Series, #2) by Brooke E. Wayne and other goodies …

Love the Wine You’re With (Vineyard Pleasures, #2) is … almost … done! It’s in the final stages of editing, and I’m hoping to launch it November 1st. *Fist pump*

So, without further ado, here’s the cover:LTWYW-New-Cover-RED-BLUE-eBook-2-10

I spent this past summer with the AC on full-blast, combating 110 degree weather in sunny California while penning Love the Wine You’re With (Vineyard Pleasures, #2)–the standalone continuation centered around Blanca Grazia and Julien L’Angevin from Whine with Cheese (Vineyard Pleasures, #1).

Picking up where Max and Chase had left off, we land right smack dab at the Halloween Party … and then scoot on into the Christmas Season. While my RomCom is debuting in time for the holidays, crammed full of all kinds of holly-jolly good times, the plot does play fair to the other seasons, as well, for a holiday read. In other words, enjoy it any time of the year, but it’ll be available this November on all major eBook retailers and in paperback, too.

Whine with Cheese (Vineyard Pleasures, #1) Nuts and Bolts:

Whine with Cheese is wrapping up its run on Net Galley on October 28th, so, if you’re a book blogger and would like to read and review the novel, you still have about a week left to receive a free copy. My RomCom is by request only through my PR queen, Giselle, who will hook you up with a copy of the novel–just let her know directly through Net Galley.


Whine with Cheese (Vineyard Pleasures, #1) is also coming to a BOOK BLOG near you October 23rd-27th! I had an overwhelming response for a Book Blitz of my RomCom, and I am ecstatic about getting the word out about my quirky, heart-warming, and deliciously sexy romance.

Love the Wine You’re With (Vineyard Pleasures, #2) will be making its debut in a Book Blitz November 13th-17th. Book bloggers sign up HERE if you’d like to be included in that event.

A quick head’s up for next month, Love the Wine You’re With (Vineyard Pleasures, #2) will be all yours to read and review, again by request only, on Net Galley starting November 21st thru December 21st.

Busy much? You betcha. But I love it.

Speaking of which, did I mention that I’m all in for NaNoWriMo this year? Yep. I signed up and made it official. My third book is tickling my fingertips and itching my brain. Stay tuned…

Love the Wine You’re With is … done!

Love the Wine You’re With is done.

Err. Technically, my initial edits are done, and she’s in the keycoverhands of betas, but … yay… ‘tis finished, bust out the Champagne! A New Year’s Resolution I actually kept!

Her predecessor, Whine with Cheese, was a labor of love that took me about nine months—a true book baby if you ask me. This little darling, she arrived in two-and-a-half months. Of course, I marinated on her plot for about a year, which might be the reason behind such a quick delivery when it came time to write her.

98% plotter, 2% pantser, if you ask my last thirty pages.

Whoa, did the ending take a turn from the original plan. But I love it.

What surprised me most about writing the second book in my Vineyard Pleasures Series is, when I finally sat down to write her, she flowed seamlessly from my fingertips. I can honestly say that I would’ve been done sooner but finishing the last thirty or so pages fell between the cracks of starting a new school year—mine and our daughters’ school year, that is. I can’t believe I just embarked on my twentieth year of teaching English. Wow. I fantasize about saying the same as an author.

I’d say the hardest part of writing Love the Wine You’re With was finding Blanca’s voice. She’s strong, sassy, opinionated, unconventional, caring, adorable, and a pain in the ass to the people who love her the most. Once I heard her, though, she just wouldn’t stop talking. And I fell head-over-heels. I think my readers will, too.

You’d think my biggest struggle would’ve been the 110-degree weather in July that I was suffering through while writing a Christmas story. But nope. Eh, actually, Love the Wine You’re With is only mostly centered around the Christmas season—but about a third of the book makes for any season kind of reading. I intend to release her November 1st though, if not sooner … we shall see.

The most exciting part about writing Love the Wine You’re With was all the feels that came with it. I embedded more twists and turns than a roller coaster. Blanca’s journey is definitely an adventurous one that might have my readers craving a taste of her wanderlust.

PR1macs-heart-mugs-qt.jpgAfter releasing Whine with Cheese this past July, it has been such a learning curve on how to promote my titles. I’m pulling Whine with Cheese out of KDP Select once my contract is up, so I can distribute my novel through Smashwords and broaden my outlets. So, so many reasons why. I’ll do the same for Love the Wine You’re With, too.

WWCeBookCoverBlWnIn fact, I’m burning through my last two days to give Whine with Cheese away for FREE on Amazon this September 30th and October 1st. (Click on FREE to go directly to the novel on Amazon) That’s it. No more freebies, but then a reader can buy the novel just about everywhere else once I’m contract-free mid-October. Likewise, if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you have until the 7th before I pull the plug on KU. The only exception to the novel remaining FREE is that Whine with Cheese is currently available on Net Galley by request only for book bloggers and reviewers through the entire month of October.

If you’re just discovering me and want to get lost in a Romantic Comedy, download it over the weekend and enjoy :0)

I’m gearing up to get ready to knock out my next novel. It’ll be the first in a series of five novels centered around a coffee house in a beach town that Blanca and Maxie visit in the first part of Love the Wine You’re With. I’ll give you a hint…

One word: Fabrewlicious.

Until next time …

Whine with Cheese by Brooke E. Wayne (A Romantic Comedy)

SWIRL A HOT MESS, a savvy vintner, and a meathead ex into a chaotic adventure and indulge in a taste of humor when a sensual journey of self-discovery collides with true love.



Twenty-five-year-old Max Novaline just had her heart ripped out by her meathead ex-boyfriend, Bart Moore. Determined to bounce back, she heads to Napa Valley’s Angel of the Vine Winery, maker of her favorite Moscato, to scout out tours for work and, let’s be honest, catch

a glimpse of the owner’s drool-worthy son, Chase L’Angevin, as seen on YouTube.

Chase, who likes a pin-up girl with an ample derrière, starts to pour on the charm the moment he meets Max. When their first date rolls into a long, romantic weekend, their chemistry ignites faster than a matchstick in hell. But after their second date is interrupted by Chase’s work-related obligations, Max bides her time wine tasting awaiting his return, which is no biggie until a drunk tourist catapults her into a whirlwind of chaos, that dumps her right back into the clutches of her manipulative ex.

Not only that, determined to reconcile with Max, Chase keeps sneaking around, insisting they had a hotter connection, only to come off looking like a stalker with only one thing on his mind … his own as to grind.

Even more adventures arise when Max has to deal with what she wants and what she has. Not only does she need to do major damage control with the entire L’Angevin family thanks to Bart’s shady deeds, but she also has to convince Chase she’s worth a second chance despite her antics having practically snuffed out their flame.

WHINE WITH CHEESE is about a young woman discovering her full potential while falling in love one sweet wine tasting at a time.

CRAZY. SEXY. FUN. (Heat Level: Sensual but Closed-Door)


Read on ANY electronic device or computer with a FREE eReader App from Amazon.

**Romantic Comedy / Contemporary Romance**

The Kind of Surprise you Love!

Here I am minding my business, going about my day, nice and lazy, just the way I like my weekends, and wham, I finally get around to picking up the mail, and, wouldn’t you know, I had a surprise awaiting me.

Prompt Me More! by Robin Woods doesn’t even go on sale on Amazon until Tuesday, March 21st. Lucky me!

FullSizeRenderI’m one of those writers who cracks open the laptop every day. Whether I’m writing, mulling over something I’ve already written, character building, plotting, or scouting out a location in a far away land I’ll never actually get to visit but damned if I don’t plan on plopping a character down in the middle of at some point in one of my rom-coms, I am always doing something writerly, no matter what. Getting a new prompt booklet to expand on my thoughts is just what I needed to keep my mind running in guided directions instead of all over the place as I’m currently plotting out a whole series. You know those little lines or even whole scenes that creep up on you out of nowhere and fit perfectly into a seamless plot inspired by a random moment in your day … I just got handed a 176-page resource that does nothing but inspires and prods at my creativity without having to hunt for it. Sweeet!

So, when my fellow author friend extraordinaire shares the wealth on her latest publication, I’m all grabby hands about it, because … FREE (but, for you, it’s an affordable $9.99!), and, let’s face it, blank pages and blinky cursors are fine and all if you’re into that sort of tabula rasa feel, but, if you like to jumpstart your writing with a prompt, my friend has what you need. Seriously. You need this. You just have to wait a couple days. Then snag one for yourself or someone you know. Just do it. Do it. Do it.

If you haven’t checked out Robin Woods yet, you’re really missing out. First, she’s a young adult author who entangles fallen angels and vampires with the mundane world to create a magical place where there are no ‘normal’ days for the characters going about their own business in her Watcher Series. Secondly, she also pens workbooks for the writers in all of us. Prompt Me More! is her second installment filled with picture prompts and various creative juice starters, such as first and third person one-liners and dialogue prompts for fiction writing, as well as, self-discovery and interest prompts that are meant to spark a non-fiction piece. Oh, the endless possibilities!

If you write and love that hand’s on feel of pen on paper, the workbook is set up to write directly into it. If you prefer to type, then have it nearby your keyboard. Also, if you’re a teacher, your daily/weekly writing prompts are taken care of as they’re all classroom friendly. So much goodness!

With graduation just around the corner, this workbook makes a perfect gift for that young man or woman who loves to journal and enjoys a challenging prompt to spin a story around. I personally like to use Robin Woods’ workbooks to keep myself accountable to writing every day. But, enough about me, how do you plan on using your Prompt Me More! booklet?

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