Stream-of-Consciousness Writing…Hilarious! (WP Prompt)

Here’s an honest, open throw up I don’t readily admit often being an English teacher and all…Faulkner, while I appreciate his place in classic literature, I really loathed reading his works while I earned my degrees in English and Literature > There I said it. I’m more of a Bronte fan. Love those girls. They are magnificent writers and could draw out the butterflies in a love story withoug a lot of physical passion…all matters of the heart…my all time favorite classical read is Wuthering Heights. I’m realizing that there is no way I can do this without breaking up the twenty minutes becaue my two daughters, 4 and 7, are not going to afford me a solid twenty minutes to do something that doesn’t include them. It’s the last night we’re all uplate together—the oldest has tomorrow off. I, however, do not. So break one…must attend to the girls and MUST RESISIT SPELL CHECK! I type way tooooooo fast. And this rubber keyboard cover thingy that I ordered on amazon to go with the lovely cover might need ot go. Its’ pretty but snags my fingertips…any recommendations for a smooth cover? Okay must go… Just realized (upon returen) that I didn’t say why I loathed reading so much Faulkner in both of my degree programs…all that stream-of-consciousness blah blah blah. my mother is a fish stuff that you have to tie into something he rambled about incoherently. On a side note, the novel that I wrote has a number of scenes that have internal dialogue from the main character. It’s a third person POV with limited omniscience except that every now and then the main character talks to herself. Maybe a wee bit o’ Faulkner rubbed off on me afterall. So this assignment #1 is an interesting experiment… Glancing over my grammar, I feel like I’m trying to emulate a little ee cummings now. Blatant disregard for rules. I am in love with the Oxford comma but one thing I’ve noticed that I really have enjoyed is being able to break the rules when writing a novel. I will downgrade students who mess up grammar (after they’ve been thoroughly taught) in their formal essays. “FANBOYS only hang out with Commas unless it’s a ‘hinge’ comma then test it—if you can flip it over it’s good to go.” Then today I write a few pages in my second novel (I’m working on a Trilogy) and I sprinkle all kinds of fragments in it like I’m adding extra sugar to my coffee…just a little more and it’ll be ‘just right’. I’m adding VOICE to my story and people never talk the way they right (except unless the WP Prompt tells you to dump the junk in your head for your first post in the course…write for 20 mintues they say (just got hugged by the seven year old) publish they say, a nice twist…or maybe change somebody’s mind about publishing my novel once they see what a mess I can make of words… Need Another Break, the husband just came in… Back…A slow down B spell check from here on out, sheesh. I really can spell, typing on the other hand right now is not as easy as it could be. I was that nerd in HS that used to read the dictionary for fun. Love me some words. I started the second novel and by started I mean I actually typed out pages…I outlined a couple of weeks ago and have been doing research in between. I love writing. I love getting lost in a world I’ve created and rollingout a movie in my head. Love it. I wrote a couple thousand words before I went back and set up the first lines. As a second novel to a trilogy, I had a choice, to backstory or not to back story. As a trilogy, naturally one would read the first book before reading the second…then I had a chat with my mommy. (love that woman) she just read my first novel’s first draft and loved it, lol, then I told her I heavily revised the last three chapters and squeezed out 20,000 words from the original, first it was ten then I deleted another ten. Anyway, my mom says put the backstory in because she is always picking up novels at garage sales and other non-bookstore places and if it’s an author she likes she doesn’t care if she didn’t get the first or second in a series, she’ll read a good find even if it’s a part of a set and she said that having some sort of idea of what had happened before would be nice since this happens to her a lot –you know us writerly type we love knocking out series…so I wrote backstory in…page two, I managed to squeeze an 89,000+ word story into a handful of paragraphs, but it works. I’m thinking of dropping my first few lines on all of you. This whole time I’ve only spilled a few lines from the first book in one blog post a while ago. It’s in the submission stage right now awaiting a yay or nay before I move on to the next publisher on my list, so I have to keep its contents under wraps for a while longer…anyway, if you’re still reading this, then hey could you weigh in on my first few lines as a hook… BREAKING TO CUT AN DPASTE: Maxine Novaline tightened her grip, squeezing Chase Angevin’s hand as if, without holding onto him, she would topple magnetically into his cousin’s arms the closer he came to them. Burke L’Angevin embodied sexuality the way a flute of demi-sec champagne knew that with one sweet taste you’d give in to its pleasure and consume every last drop. Allrightyyy what do you think? (The hook to my second novel that I’m currently beginning…not the random, horridly misspelled, type-o’ed up the wazzo mess that came before this) ‘Night ya’ll…

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