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Meaningful Songs Task with a Twist

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Task Three for Writing 101 asks that we explore three songs that mean the most to us. Since I don’t have three songs that I consider anthems in my life at the moment, I’ll add the twist of explaining how songs impacted me this week instead.

The first impact music had on me this week included me using songs to create the perfect writing environment. (There’s a whole blog post lurking in that statement that I’ll explore someday!) I use music, like many writers do, to inspire me as I write. My most favorite technique is to play a song, eyes closed, and roll a scene in my mind about what I am going to write, then turn the song off and write in silence, reliving the moment in my mind as the residue of the song still stirs in my heart.

The second impact music had on me this week was found in a love note my husband secretly tucked into my purse to cheer me up—I’ve been battling a respiratory infection since last week. The love note quoted, Chicago’s, “You’re the Inspiration.” As an 80’s teenager, this song did more than put a smile on my face when I stumbled upon it during my lunch break. I married an awesome man!

The third impact music had on me this week came from my seven-year-old daughter who created a new song all about ice cream while at school yesterday and how her favorite flavor is “orange” (aka orangesicle—seriously, who doesn’t love that flavor!) that she had to sing to me before going to bed. The idea of an ice cream cone is what inspired my previous post, a poem titled, “A Summer’s Day.” Homemade songs out of the heart of a child are the best kind!


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  1. k says:

    Aw, I loved your twist! This will make me pay more attention to how music affects my upcoming week. 🙂


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