Unsolicited Advice

When life’s tedious duties get a little overwhelming, I practice a self-imposed time out. It usually involves a hot cup of something and my shoes being nowhere near my feet. During finals week in college, as the RA in a madhouse of stressed girls, I used to set out coloring books and crayons in our lobby so that anyone who needed a mental break could park herself in front of the fireplace and scribble away her anxiety.

Unsolicited advice is rarely welcome, but sometimes falls serendipitously in the way on our well-worn paths. Having said that, here’s a bit of lecturing for you in case you didn’t think you needed it as summer winds down. (Just getting some practice in on becoming Mrs. Bossy-Pants again with school stoking up in another week for me.)


Tear open a space in your life that you vow to keep sacred then fill that space with joy. Nothing more. Any amount of time will do, and what you consider joyful is yours to determine. Your thoughts alone may be what bring you warmth like dwelling on blissful memories. Maybe you wish to compile things that put a smile to your lips, be it a box of nostalgic trinkets or even a Pinterest board that’s smattered with LOL pics you scan through just before calling it a night. (Guilty). Maybe your time consists of a few minutes in a lawn chair on the back porch that points to that lopsided flowerpot your little darling made you in school. No matter what, carve out a go-to in your life that works for you, and gravitate to that little vortex of happiness. Recharge, rejuvenate, renew then dive back into reality feeling a little more refreshed. You’re welcome. 🙂

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